Find your power, engage your mind, body and soul..dig deep. Whether you are looking to try something for the first time or fine tune your skills, you are in the right place! Kickboxing, Kettlebells, American Boxing...and More!


Get ready to see some serious changes in your posterior chain!

Michelle is going to share some of her favorite result oriented techniques - so get ready to sculpt that booty! This class is primarily focused on targeting the glutes and the supporting/surrounding muscles the entire 50min.


This class is unlike any other Kickboxing Class you will try! Deeply rooted in Muay Thai, incorporating traditional kickboxing concepts, powerful striking combinations and explosive plyometric drills. Everyone gets a heavy bag and plenty of attention and coaching, it's a perfect fit for all skill levels!

*Gloves and Wraps required

Haus Wraps $10

Glove Rental $5


Whether you’re interested in training for competition or simply want to get in the best shape of your life, our boxing classes will teach you the fundamentals of the sport while giving you an amazing total body workout. Expect greater stamina, increased energy and flexibility, better coordination, quicker reaction time, enhanced self-confidence, and more strength and body-awareness.

*Gloves are required and can be rented for $5.

Kickboxing -- The Basic 8

Called "The Basic 8" because kickboxing traditionally known as "The Art of 8 Limbs". 8 points of contact punches-kicks,knees,elbows - this class packed with skills and drills!

Whether you're trying to get into killer shape, relieve stress, gain confidence, or you're just looking for a kick-ass workout, this is the class for you! 

*Gloves and Wraps required

Haus Wraps $10

Glove Rental $5

Glove rental on us with inital purchase of Haus Wraps!

Kettlebell FHIIT

This class will get you strong, sexy and ready to rock! Functional training at its best! Hinge,Thrust, Float...Kettlebells are the true "multi-tasker" in the fitness game!

Guarantee that you will see visible results in less than 4-weeks!

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