The Kickbox Haus serves up a Hardstyle Kettlebell Class that will make you want to swing out loud!


Hardstyle Kettlebell utilizes a series of ballistic max-effort movements that are explosive, controlled and precise utilizing every muscle in your body while amping your cardio.


Our 50 min Kettlebell classes are packed with a powerful combination of traditional kettlebell moves such as the “swing,” “snatch” and “clean” and incorporating creative plyometric moves into the class, keeping it fun and fresh and challenging.


If you want a full body calorie scorching body transforming time efficient workout… Hardstyle Kettlebells are for you!


This hardcore workout will tighten and tone every jiggly bit you own - shaping your arms, abs, legs & glutes to perfection!


227 East 81 Street

New York, NY 10028 


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